Thursday, May 19, 2011

Overnight Oatmeal

There are few things better than waking up to a hot breakfast.  As a mom of little children, I don't anticipate being served a quality breakfast in bed any time soon.  :P  But with a little planning, I can still have breakfast within minutes and with minimal effort the night before.  

I use my mini crockpot - it's a little dipper that was included free with a standard size crockpot.  I never thought I'd have a use for it, as it is small (1 quart) and only operates on low.  Right now, it is just the right size for my three girls & I to have oatmeal.  

Before bed, simply add steel cut oats (oat groats, irish oatmeal), salt, vanilla, cinnamon, sweetener of your choice, and water to your crockpot.  I also add coconut oil or butter - it helps prevent the oatmeal from sticking.
The next morning all you will have to do is stir (warning, cinnamon & butter will rise to the top & look strange) 
Add any additional toppings and eat!
Locally harvested maple syrup & butter were the pick for today.  Hubby loves adding diced apples, chopped pecans, and occasionally granola.
Today I set aside one cup of oatmeal for tomorrow's recipe...

Edited August 18, 2012 to add recipe below.

Overnight Oatmeal  (sized for a 1qt crockpot)
3 c water
3/4 c steel cut oats
1/4 tsp vanilla
1-2 Tbsp sweetener of your choice
1/8 - 1/4 tsp salt (less salt if it is refined, more salt if it is unrefined sea salt)
2 Tbsp coconut oil (or butter)
1 tsp - 1 Tbsp cinnamon (optional)

Mix all ingredients together in a 1qt crockpot and cook on low for 7-9 hours.  

This recipe can be sized up or down, although you will have better results if your crock is nearly full.  For best results, use a heat safe glass bowl inside a larger crock.  Mix the oatmeal ingredients in the bowl and then add water to the crock until it is even or just above the level of the oatmeal.  This will provide very even heat and will prevent any oatmeal from burning or sticking to the edges.

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