Saturday, March 2, 2013

Whole 30 - day 2

Today started out very early. 4am early. Oh the joys of babies and small children :) By 6am I had everyone back to sleep, except me, because my littlest was asleep on my back. Time for mama to eat!

Bulletproof decaf coffee (1.5oz total of coconut oil & coconut butter blended into 12oz decaf). Almond butter coconut sandwiches. Oh wow these were fantastic! Thinly slice one apple horizontally. Remove seeds, stem, and blossom end. The apple will be your bread. Spread one half with almond butter (ingredients should only be almonds) and the other half with coconut cream. By coconut cream I mean the thick spreadable cream at the top of an unshaken can of full fat coconut milk. This combo has it all - natural sweetness & crunch of the apple, protein from the almond butter, and healthy fat from the coconut cream. The fat will keep you full. And since it is coconut fat, it will actually boost your metabolism (medium chain fatty acid) and improve your immune system (the lauric acid in coconut oil is amazing). Granted, this is a protein light meal, so you'll need to add another protein source if it's a high workout day.

3 handfuls fresh spinach, sautéed in coconut oil and 3 fried eggs

Too many almonds. Plus a small amount of raisins and several dried mango fillets. I need to watch my fruit intake.  Or better yet, eat a smaller sized real meal.

Two bowls of chicken soup from last night. Not much chicken or carrots left, but lots of good rich bone broth. And then a few more almonds.

Overall a decent day. Especially considering I have been awake for nearly 18 hours now. I prepared off limits foods for my loved ones and ignored the skittles my hubby ate. I'm feeling good.

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